Airedale International Air Conditionng

Following a severe fire that resulted in extensive damage to the office block part of Airedale International Air Conditioning in Leeds, we were contracted to remove the asbestos debris and contaminated materials from site.

The asbestos originally consisted of AIB underpinnings to the roof, along with sprayed asbestos to the valley gutters. However, the fire was so damaging that most of this was now in wreckage at ground level (see images below). In total there was of over 250 tonnes of contaminated debris on site.

As the roof had been so badly damaged, we had a bespoke Hakie Roof System scaffold canopy erected over the building, spanning over 36m in length.

Under extremely challenging conditions we completed the 17 week project, including full bespoke scaffold erection and dismantle, on time and budget.

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