LondonEnergy Ltd, 2018 Outage

Thomson Limited have maintained the five boilers at LondonEnergy exclusively for over 40 years. There are five boiler outages each year, which are over a 120 day programme. We pride ourselves on the planning and execution of these works, utilising our professional team of tradesmen to start and finish a boiler shutdown on programme. The expertise in managing boiler shutdowns allowed three boilers to return to service ahead of schedule. This allows the client to commence re-commissioning earlier than anticipated which in turn allows energy to be produced once again.

LondonEnergy provides sustainable energy, recycling and resource management and, their vision is to see no waste from their sites sent to landfill they provide a safe and secure alternative to landfill disposal. Their regulated facilities are integral to London’s economy; recovering energy from waste — enough to power more than 80,000 homes and businesses in North London, and in doing so, divert more than 698,000 tonnes of waste away from landfill each year, saving approx. 300,000 tonnes of CO2e each year.

In 2018 Thomson Limited manufactured, supplied and installed a new feeder table in each of the five boilers. This is typically carried out every ten years. It involves meticulous planning with other contractors to enable the feeder table to be removed and installed in one seamless operation.

Each year, the boilers have a new set of super heater tubes (where applicable) plus additional boiler tube replacements as required. Thomson Limited are experts in tangent wall tube replacements to energy from waste plants. In addition, we overhaul the roller grates on each boiler (7 no.), plus any additional plate work and ducting repairs as required.  The Thomson Limited Pressure Parts team change valves and soot blower lines following their routine inspections.

We provide industrial cleaning services for the site outage works as well as undertaking day-to-day cleaning tasks. Thomson personnel are trained in a wide variety of Health and Safety training courses to enable us to tackle all the clients' requests. Thomson Limited has maintained the EcoPark plant for over 40 years and attend call outs 365 days a year. Our overriding ethos, whilst working at LondonEnergy is to maintain the plant to the highest possible standard.

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Services that we provide

  • Maintenance of Waste to energy incinerators
  • Tube thickness surveys & pressure part replacements
  • Ductings & platework repair & replacement
  • Grate & fan overhauls
  • Boiler cleaning & overhauls
  • Supply of high quality castings to industry
  • Supply flight conveyor chains & spares
  • Structural steelwork
  • Bridges, supports, access gantries & fairways
  • Installation & dismantling projects
  • Carbon, stainless, alloy & mild steel pressure welding TIG, MIG, MMA
  • Re-tube of package boilers & heat exchangers
  • Project Management

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Thomson Ltd delivers expertise specifically in the overhaul and maintenance of large mass-burn incinerator and industrial plants.

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Our Environmental Services division provides a comprehensive cleaning service.

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What our customers say …

  • I would like to thank your team for their assistance at the Birmingham Bio Power Plant in Tyseley during our planned Outage this October. As ever, the team have worked hard to complete all work within the given Outage period and all work has been to a high standard with no Health and Safety issues. Since the plant was commissioned in July 2016, James Scott and his team have responded quickly to any breakdowns and have always gone above and beyond to help the site team get the plant back on line in a timely manner. We look forward to working with Thomson in the future and continuing to build on an already proven working relationship.…
    Birmingham Bio Power
  • I would just like to pass on my gratitude to those involved with the Hydraulic Test and repairs over the weekend. It was a long weekend with 8 additional tubes being replaced in total. The commitment and work rate shown to ensure this was completed safely and in a very impressive timescales was second to none! I would also like to make a comment on the brilliant work carried to replace all 53 Combustion Chamber roof tubes including the expanding of these tubes into the Screen Wall Header, all of which held up without any leaks.…
    LondonEnergy Limited
  • Thomson Ltd completed a major outage on the 16th of August. The outage ran for 24 days and during this time Thomson Ltd worked 24 hours a day to achieve delivery of the project on time. The work was completed a day ahead of schedule and the plant has run at maximum output since that date.Thomson Ltd completed all the set work, and more, on time and in full. They were audited by our Health and Safety team repeatedly during the outage period (as were all contractors on site) and not at any point was a problem found. Their compliance with our site safety rules, permit procedures , the PPE standards required, the confined space procedures in place and the quality of the work delivered was excellent at all times during the project.…
    FCC Environment
  • Can you please pass on my thanks to your team who performed to the highest standard during our shutdown over the past few days, they work long hours to get the work done and just got on with any tasks we set out, without any issues. Thanks and well done to all.…
    Veolia Environmental Services, Sheffield
  • You will be aware that today is the last day of the last of our five boilers consecutive major overhauls, which began on 6th January. I am delighted to say that each boilers overhaul ran consistently smoothly and all being completed on or before the programmed date. It is a credit to all the contractors, but particularly Thomson Limited, the major contractor, that through the endeavours of the supervisors and management this was achieved. Thomson Limited personnel worked in the region of 45,000 hours throughout this period without having sustained any injury through accidents while at work. All the Thomson team; Boiler Tube work, Platework, Cleaning, Scaffolding and Insulation performed admirably. The Tube Work team carried out in the region of 2,000 tube butt welds which were subjected to a 5% Radiographic inspection that resulted in barely a handful of weld repairs having been found necessary, a very commendable result. Please pass on my thanks for a job well done to all of your people.…