LondonWaste Ltd

LondonWaste has a five stream waste to energy plant burning over 500,000 tonnes of municipal waste annually.

We have maintained the five boilers on this plant exclusively for over 25 years.

Typically, there are five consecutive boiler otages each year over a 126 day unbroken programme.

Each year, as a minimum each boiler has a new superheater plus additional boiler tube replacements as required.

Additionally, we overhaul the seven roller gates on each boiler, plus platework and ducting repairs as required.

We overhaul the the four-stream FGT system during the outage period as well as maintaining the effluent treatment plant. 

We provide scaffolding for the whole of the site outage works as well as servicing the on-going day-to-day scaffolding tasks.

We satisfy all the insulation requirements of the boiler outages, plus we service the on-going day-to-day insulation tasks.

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