Total Lindsey Oil Refinery

In early 2014, Thomson Ltd won a contract at Lindsey Oil Refinery to manage their on-site asbestos. As part of the contract, we agreed to install and utilise our iStar Asbestos Management Database to automatically record and manage all known ACM’s on site.

Thanks to the built-in Intelligent Import system of iStar, we were able to extract data from the existing database and import it into the new installation of iStar, allowing us quicker access to asbestos reports to check against on site areas.

As we progress through the cross-checking of asbestos and non-asbestos areas of site, the information we feed back into iStar builds a comprehensive management plan that will ensure Total Lindsey Oil Refinery remains compliant and pro-active.

The iStar database is populated with asbestos information such as location, condition and likelihood of disturbance. This then automatically formulates a management plan, which in turn suggests recommended inspection frequencies within HSE guidelines, again keeping Total LOR ahead of the game with regard to their asbestos.

iStar features a powerful search engine that allows the user to view specific asbestos locations within 4 clicks of a mouse. This means that engineers and contractors on site can view quickly and easily the nature of the materials they will be working on. The data is also backed up with site maps, plans, isometric sketches and photographs, all available to view or print at the press of a button, via iStar.

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